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SafeLoc® sandwich bags

Keeps everything fresh and clean

Resealable SafeLoc® sandwich bags not only keep sandwiches and snacks deliciously fresh, they are also very practical as they are small and fit perfectly into any handbag or backpack. The new opening flap makes the sandwich bag even easier to open and close, while the secure Safeloc® double closure prevents leakage and stops your food drying out. Thanks to Safeloc® your snack stays delicious and juicy when you are out and about. And if you don't want to eat it all at once? No problem, the sandwich bag is resealable! Just save your sandwich for later. It will be just as tasty as it was at the first bite.

Whether at a picnic in the park, in the playground or in the office - a home-made sandwich tastes good and is very nutritious! SafeLoc® sandwich bags from Toppits® mean you can always have your fresh sandwich with you wherever you go.

Now manufactured with 70% recycled resources

Our Toppits® SafeLoc® Sandwichbag is now manufactured with 70% recycled and renewable resources! Thanks to our innovative production process. It is based on processed residual materials, which are converted into our Toppits® SafeLoc® Sandwichbag using an innovative method. Increasing this to 70% recycled resources means we are edging ever closer to our goal: to have all Toppits® products manufactured with 100% recycled or renewable resources by 2025, making them 100% circular. Read more about our 100% Circular Mission here.

Ein dank des SafeLoc® Sandwich-Beutels frischer Pausensnack.

Advantages at a glance

  • checkSafeLoc® closure for to close safely and open easily
  • checkProtects snacks from drying out
  • checkSandwiches and fruit stay appetisingly fresh for longer
  • checkPerfectly sealed - bags and backpacks stay clean
  • checkEasy to open and reclose thanks to the new opening flap
Eine Familie genießt frische Sandwiches aus dem SafeLoc® Sandwich-Beutel.


  • Description
  • Sandwich bag
    25 bags
    17 x 20 cm


Healthy sandwiches thanks to the practical closur

Healthy eating is especially important for children and young people. When the little ones are learning at school, their brains need to be supplied with energy! But where from - sweet snacks at the kiosk?

A sandwich made with love at home is much better! Give your children a sandwich with cheese, salad and fresh vegetables to make sure they get through the day in a healthy way.

To keep the salad crisp, the vegetables juicy and the bread fresh, simply put the sandwich in a SafeLoc® sandwich bag. Your child will thank you for it at break time!

Keeps flavour in and keeps odours out

The Safeloc® closure can do even more: it seals your food airtight, so that the flavour of your sandwich is preserved and not lost. External odours cannot get to your food and impair the flavour.

And quite honestly: As delicious as it might taste, who wants their rucksack to smell like a roll with liver sausage from the previous day?  SafeLoc® sandwich bags make sure that the flavour and aroma stays where it belongs - in your food and afterwards as a delicious memory!


Press the closure together on a corner of the bag and close with two fingers along the closure strip. Leave 2 cm open.
Lay the bag down, stroke out the air by hand, then close completely.
To open, pull the SafeLoc® closure apart in the middle of the bag with both hands.

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