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Sandwich bags

Keeps sandwiches fresh for longer - for school, office and on the go

Whether it’s your first, second or third breakfast – in Toppits® sandwich bags with practical power clip, fruits, sandwiches and snacks stay fresh and delicous for a long time. Thanks to the food-safe film, your food is reliably protected during transport. And your bag or rucksack doesn't get dirty either. Flavour and freshness are preserved throughout the day and the power clip included with the bags makes sure you're your food stays in the bag. So, there is nothing to get in the way of a delicious snack!

Eine frische Stulle aus dem Frühstücksbeutel

Advantages at a glance

  • checkProtects securely on the go
  • checkKeeps clean when travelling
  • checkReusable power clip
Eine Familie isst Brote aus dem Frühstücksbeutel.


  • Description
  • Sandwich bags
    55 bags


The practical bag for a fresh breakfast

As the old saying goes “Breakfast like a king!” Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body needs energy to get you through the day successfully.

And of course fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables are ideal sources of energy and taste delicious.

And when you're out and about? No problem - instead of falling back on sweet pastries or doughnuts, you can simply take your delicious breakfast with you in a Toppits® sandwich bag!

Wide opening

Toppits® sandwich bags are specially designed to effectively protect your snack when you are out and about. They have a wide opening making it easy to put your delicious snacks into them with ease.

It's quick and easy. No matter what the shape of the food, the wide opening makes it easy to pop it in the bag.

Extra thin and extra tear resistant

Our sandwich bags are made of especially thin and flexible material, so that they gently wrap around your food without burdening you with unnecessary weight. Yet the material is tear-resistant and durable, so that nothing gets damaged or spoilt even in a full bag. So, you get maximum protection for your sandwiches while using a bare minimum of material.

Because the sandwich bags are kept particularly thin, many more can fit in one pack. You get 55 bags per pack to keep you going for a long time!

Safe, clean and sealed thanks to the power clip

A delicious snack belongs in your stomach, not in your bag! To prevent things going wrong, we provide a power clip with our sandwich bags.

This is a simple and efficient tool that firmly seals the bag. It is very durable and so can be reused and works perfectly even after frequent use.


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