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SafeLoc® Fruit and vegetable bags

Keeps fresh up to 3 times longer

SafeLoc® fruit and vegetable bags from Toppits® with their freshness pores keep fruit, vegetables and herbs fresh up to three times longer. And with the integrated SafeLoc® closure they are easy to open and close - again and again.

SafeLoc® fruit and vegetable bags from Toppits® provide ideal air circulation for your food. This is very important so that fresh fruit and vegetables can continue to breathe after you have been shopping. At the same time, SafeLoc® fruit and vegetable bags from Toppits® protect your food from drying out. So, your food stays nice and fresh for longer. You can enjoy your delicious salad, herbs from the garden or even mushrooms for much longer!

Ein frisch geschnittener Apfel aus dem SafeLoc® Obst- und Gemüsebeutel von Toppits®.

Advantages at a glance

  • checkKeeps fruit and vegetables fresh up to 3 times longer
  • checkPreserves flavour and vitamins
  • checkEasy to use with standing base and SafeLoc® closure
  • checkEasy to open and reclose thanks to opening flap
Frische Himbeeren bleiben im SafeLoc® Obst- und Gemüsebeutel frisch für Kinder.


  • Description
  • Fruit and vegetable bags
    7 bags


Easy to fill thanks to the stable standing base

Like all Toppits® kitchen accessories, SafeLoc® fruit and vegetable bags have many useful features that can make everyday life much easier. Thanks to the stable stand-up base, for example, filling is much simpler.

You no longer need to use a hand to hold open SafeLoc® fruit and vegetable bags from Toppits® because of their stable design. This makes them much easier to use and also reduces the chance of something being spilled.

Quick opening thanks to new opening flap

With SafeLoc® fruit and vegetable bags you can now get to your fruit and vegetables even faster. Because the SafeLoc® closure is even easier to open thanks to its new opening flap. You can close the bag just as quickly as you opened it - so your fruit and vegetables stay fresh for a long time.

SafeLoc® fruit and vegetable bags in the fridge

These bags from Toppits® are the right choice, especially for fruit and vegetables that can be kept in the fridge. SafeLoc® fruit and vegetable bags are a very useful help in the kitchen, both for storing and organising food. The food stays fresh much longer and can be kept for longer periods of time.

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