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Paper sandwich bags

Keep sandwiches fresh for a long time

Safe and fresh. Sandwich bags made of special greaseproof paper protect sandwiches from drying out. That's why Toppits® uses a special greaseproof paper to make its sandwich bags. This paper prevents grease from soaking through, so that you always have a healthy and tasty snack when you are out and about. It also keeps your backpack or bag clean. Even in warm weather, Toppits® sandwich bags will not allow grease to soak through - ideal when you are on the go!

Ein frisches Brot in einer Butterbrot-Tüte.

Advantages at a glance

  • checkGreaseproof
  • checkHält Lebensmittel länger frisch
  • checkIdeal für unterwegs
  • checkChlorine free bleached paper
  • checkRecyclable
  • checkAus natürlichen, nachwachsenden Rohstoffen
  • checkUnterstützt verantwortungsvolle Forstwirtschaft
Eine glückliche Familie isst Brote aus Butterbrot-Tüten.


  • Description
  • Paper sandwich bags
    60 Stück
    13 x 21 cm

Tips for using TOPPITS® Sandwich bags

With special paper to stop grease soaking through

For many people, one thing is especially important for good sandwiches: a little fat - whether remoulade, margarine or butter - rounds off the taste of the bread. But what tastes good does not necessarily help when it comes to cleanliness.

You know how it goes: the butter doesn't stay on the sandwich, grease from your delicious snack soaks through paper bags and stains your bag or rucksack. But Toppits® has created a dependable alternative with its special paper for sandwich bags!

Clean hands, clean sandwiches

The greaseproof paper not only ensures that bags and surfaces remain clean. With Toppits® sandwich bags your hands stay clean too! The white paper means eating your snack is a delicious and clean experience!

The sandwich bags are particularly practical for children. When the little ones are playing outside and then get hungry, their hands are often dirty. In the park, on the beach or at the playground, you don't always have clean water for washing or a wipe for disinfecting available.

Thanks to Toppits® sandwich bags, children don't have to eat with dirty hands. The bags can simply be turned inside out and used as gloves.

Appetising snacks for children

Here's an idea - the sandwich bags can be decorated in bright colours for children! You just need the bags and food-safe pens then let your imagination run wild. Or let your children decorate their sandwich bags themselves.

The result is individual snack packs that give kids an appetite for healthy snacks! Parents can pack everything safely, so that children always have healthy food with them.

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