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Airbag for your favourite snacks

How to turn a Zipper® all-purpose bag into a protective cushioned bag.

What snacks do you have in your backpack today? Squashed banana, a crushed sandwich or a dented peach? The fact is that most snacks rarely survive half a day in a bag. Unless you protect them with a very special air cushion - the Toppits® Zipper® all-purpose bag!

11. April 2018, 10:38 Uh

What you need:
• Toppits® Zipper® all-purpose bag
• Sensitive fruit or vegetables
• A straw if necessary

And this is how to do it:
You need some lung capacity for this - simply put the sensitive fruit or snack into a Toppits® Zipper® all-purpose bag and inflate it. A little tip - a straw can be helpful, but is not absolutely necessary. The air in the bag acts as a protective cushion for the snack and it remains completely undamaged. Just let the air escape from the resealable bag before eating and start snacking..

Zipper® Allzweck-Beutel mit leckeren Snacks
Zipper® Allzweck-Beutel mit leckeren Snacks

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