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SafeLoc® Freezer Bags

Freeze food safely

The SafeLoc® freezer bag's stand-up base is perfect for filling the bag simply and easily. The bag's integrated SafeLoc® closure allows you to remove food in portions. It is even easier to open and safely re-close thanks to the new opening flap.

With their robust material specifications, SafeLoc® freezer bags from Toppits® can be used for shock freezing down to -40°C as well as for heating in a water bath at up to +90°C.

This makes SafeLoc® freezer bags from Toppits® ideal for households that want to cook and freeze large quantities of food. Freezing, removing food in individual portions and defrosting is all incredibly convenient.

Now manufactured with 70% recycled resources

Our Toppits® SafeLoc® freezer bag is now manufactured with 70% resources and renewable raw materials! Thanks to our innovative production process. It is based on processed residual materials, which are converted into our Toppits® SafeLoc® freezer bag using an innovative method. Increasing this to 70% recycled resources means we are edging ever closer to our goal: to have all Toppits® products manufactured with 100% recycled or renewable resources by 2025, making them 100% circular. Read more about our Mission 100% Circular here.

Portionsweise gefrorenes Obst auftauen mit dem SafeLoc® Gefrierbeutel von Toppits®.

Advantages at a glance

  • checkCloses easily and securely
  • checkEspecially easy to fill thanks to the flexible standing base
  • checkExtra thick material
  • checkA versatile household aid
  • checkNow even easier to open thanks to the new opening flap.
Aufgetautes Obst aus den SafeLoc® Gefrierbeuteln von Toppits®.


  • Description
  • SafeLoc® freezer bag
    15 bags
  • SafeLoc® freezer bag
    36 bags
  • SafeLoc® freezer bag
    12 bags
  • SafeLoc® freezer bag
    28 bags
  • SafeLoc® freezer bag
    20 bags
  • SafeLoc® freezer bag
    6 bags

Tips for using SafeLoc® Freezer Bags 

Protective material features 

SafeLoc® freezer bags from Toppits® are highly resistant to heat and cold and protect the nutrients in food. For example, you can shock freeze vegetables. Both the cell structures and vitamins in the food are preserved.

SafeLoc® freezer bags are also excellent for freezing herbs. Aromatic wild garlic, finely chopped dill and whole parsley can be safely stored in just a few steps.

Thanks to the strong material and the film that fits tightly on the food, SafeLoc® freezer bags protect against freezer burn. With these bags you can remove air from the freezer bag by hand - without a vacuum sealer. This prevents the edges of frozen food from drying out and changing colour.

Food frozen in SafeLoc® freezer bags from Toppits® can then be warmed in a water bath below boiling point to preserve nutrients. If necessary, you can remove the defrosted food from the bag and heat it further. In no time at all your delicious food will be ready to eat.

Shelf life of frozen food in SafeLoc® freezer bags

Many foods can be frozen and defrosted without problems. But if you lose track of vegetables, fish, meat and fruit in the freezer, delicious food can be forgotten and then spoil.

That's why Toppits® has developed the Foodsaver app so that you and your family always know precisely what delicious food is still in the freezer.

Sizes 1, 3, 6 & 8 litre SafeLoc® freezer bags have pre-printed freshness codes that make it even easier to organise your freezer with the app.


Instructions for use

Press the closure together on a corner of the bag and close with two fingers along the closure strip. Leave 2 cm open.
Lay the bag down, stroke out the air by hand, then close completely.
To open, pull the SafeLoc® closure apart in the middle of the bag with both hands.

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