What is freezer burn?

Again and again people talk about freezer burn - but what exactly does the term freezer burn mean and how can it be prevented? When dry areas appear at the edges of frozen foods, this is called freezer burn. Freezer burn often occurs if the packaging is not suitable for deep-freezing and air comes into con-tact with the food.

Temperature fluctuations and incorrect storage can also lead to freezer burn. When the surface of frozen food warms up, water evaporates and then freezes again to form ice crystals on the package or the food itself.

Food with freezer burn can usually still be eaten without risk - it is often enough to cut out the affected areas as they are not very appetising and lose their taste. With the right packaging, however, freezer burn does not occur in the first place, so that your frozen food remains fresh and delicious at all times.

By avoiding freezer burn and dealing with it correctly, you can make a contribution towards conserving resources in the use of food.

Effectively prevent freezer burn

To avoid freezer burn, correct storage is particularly important in order that the food loses hardly any liquid.

It is also important to ensure that the packaging contains as little air as possible and fits as tightly as possible to the food. This helps to keep the frozen food looking appealing, fresh and tasty, even when storing for longer periods.

The cold chain of frozen food should also be as uninterrupted as possible. It should therefore be ensured that the chilled goods cannot thaw during transport and that temperature fluctuations remain low.

Prevent freezer burn on meat and bread 

Keep meat fresh without freezer burn (h3)

Even though foods with freezer burn are generally still edible, meat with freezer burn should be avoided. To keep leftover food from a barbecue garden party flavourful and tasty for a long time, we recommend tear-proof freezer bags from Toppits®.

Simply put the meat into the bag, remove excess air and seal it airtight. Thanks to the tear-resistant 3-layer special film, the meat is safely protected against freezer burn. Depending on the type of meat and storage temperature, barbecued food can be used for several months.

Freeze bread without freezer burn 

To avoid freezer burn, do not use normal bags. It is much preferable to use specially designed freezer bags instead. This is also important when freezing bread.

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