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Products to prevent barbecued food from burning so easily: Whether it's an aluminium barbecue tray or express barbecue tray - the two practical barbecuing aids from Toppits® simply make barbecuing easier. Less dripping on the charcoal. The grill stays clean. And vegetables and meat become crisp and delicious.

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Frisches Fleisch mit Gewürzen


Aluminium foil

Toppits® aluminium foil reliably protects the taste and nutrients in your food. Thanks to the double-strength honeycomb texture and the special alloy, ...

Aluminium foil XL

You can reliably cover large platters and wide baking trays as well as food in XL containers in one go. The double strength honeycomb texture ensures ...

Barbecue tray

The aluminium barbecue tray is versatile: for direct or indirect grilling (instead of aluminium foil), for collecting liquids under the grill and for ...

Express barbecue tray

Faster, simpler, healthier: The patented base coating ensures that the food is ready on the grill up to 30 % faster. With all the advantages of the ...

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