Organising your freezer compartment: Tips for a tidier freezer

A well-organised freezer compartment not only gives you a good overview and helps you find your food quickly, it also ensures that nothing gets forgotten about helping you to waste less food. An organised freezer compartment can even save electricity. There are a few important tips that should be taken into account when organising your freezer. Choosing the right type of freezer is important - do you need an upright freezer or a chest freezer?

Upright freezer, chest freezer or freezer compartment?

Selecting the right appliance for frozen food depends on several factors. The number of users, their eating habits, the need for energy efficiency and saving electricity costs are all important. Above all, there is the need to keep some degree of order in your freezer compartment or freezer. While a chest freezer is considered particularly energy-saving because it is opened at the top and consequently only a little warm air flows into the appliance, upright freezers are the most commonly chosen appliances. There are some helpful tips for organising the freezer and avoiding keeping it open for longer periods of time.

Organising your freezer: Save time and energy 

Keeping your freezer tidy is very helpful, especially as it allows you to easily keep track of and have easy access to the frozen food. At the same time, however, a tidier but emptier freezer wouldn't be particularly energy-efficient. To be more energy-efficient, the freezer would have to be full. There are some helpful tips on how to use your freezer in an energy-saving and energy-efficient way, while still being able to get a quick overview at a glance. The following points are particularly popular when organising your freezer:

  • Keep frozen products you use a lot within easy reach
  • Dispose of superfluous packaging and, if appropriate, pack similar leftover food together
  • Label boxes and freezer bags, for a better overview

A better overview of your freezer 

In addition to using the freezer efficiently to store frozen foods properly, it is also important to keep the freezer tidy in order to save time.

First of all, it is helpful to remove bulky packaging when freezing food. The space in the freezer can be used much more efficiently if you use freezer bags or SafeLoc® freezer bags with freezer-safe twist ties or power clips.

As well as organising food according to use and product type, it helps to note the date the food is frozen on the label. Practical freezer labels from Toppits® are ideal for this. They are self-adhesive, stick perfectly to freezer bags and they are freezer-safe at temperatures down to -40 °C. If you use them to note the date you freeze your food, you can avoid leaving food in the freezer for too long and use it up in good time. The freezer labels come in different colours, making it easy to organise your frozen food by colour. In this way, the freezer is easy to organise according to product group or shelf life and you keep the overview.

With the Toppits® Foodsaver App the process of labelling the individual foodstuffs can be done digitally. Simply enter the freshness code from the freezer bag in the app, type in which product it is and note the date you freeze it. You can also note which compartment the food is in, so that you always know what you have stored in each compartment. Thanks to the app, you can keep track of what is in each freezer compartment and how long it has been there. This allows you to defrost in good time and avoid wasting food.

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