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SafeLoc® Mini

The safe all-purpose bag for at home and on the go.

SafeLoc® Minis from Toppits® with their double closure are absolutely leakproof. They are made of a high-quality special foil and are tear-resistant and reusable. Thanks to the new opening flap, the bags are easy to open without losing the security of the firm closure - so you have the well-organized contents of the bag to hand even faster.   

SafeLoc® Minis from Toppits® are perfect for organising and transporting smaller items. Especially in families with children they are the perfect household help – and not only in the kitchen.

For example, you can pack small portions of sweets for children in them.  Toys such as figures, stones or dice can also be conveniently and safely stored in SafeLoc® Minis.

Even tools or utensils for handicrafts, DIY or sewing can be stored in the bags. Buttons, thread and small tools can be safely stored using the different sizes. SafeLoc® Minis are perfect for keeping all kinds of bits and pieces for your hobbies well organised and tidy. 

Now manufactured with 70% recycled resources

Our Toppits® SafeLoc® Mini is now manufactured with 70% recycled and renewable resources! Thanks to our innovative production process. It is based on processed residual materials, which are converted into our Toppits® SafeLoc® Mini using an innovative method. Increasing this to 70% recycled resources means we are edging ever closer to our goal: to have all Toppits® products manufactured with 100% recycled or renewable resources by 2025, making them 100% circular. Read more about our Mission 100% Circular here.

Aufbewahren von Gegenständen im SafeLoc® Mini von Toppits®

Advantages at a glance

  • checkTwo sizes
  • checkSafe and practical double closure
  • checkVersatile household help for storing and transporting, keeping food fresh freezing
  • checkSafely stored in the practical product box
  • checkNow even easier to open thanks to new opening flap
Essen für ein Picknick in SafeLoc® Mini von Toppits® verstauen.


  • Description
  • SafeLoc® Mini
    2 x 20 bags
    9 x 12 cm and 13 x 13 cm

Tips for using SafeLoc® Mini Bags 

SafeLoc® Minis to help you in your daily life 

SafeLoc® Mini bags from Toppits® can make your life a lot easier in a whole range of situations. For many small challenges in everyday life they are very practical and  can solve a variety of little problems.

For those interested in DIY or handicrafts, SafeLoc® Minis are a real blessing, helping you to store and organise small items. Sewing materials, such as buttons, rivets and the like no longer accumulate in your drawers over the years but can be stored and organised tidily until you need them again.

Tidying up and organising with SafeLoc® Mini bags 

SafeLoc® Minis from Toppits® are also perfect for small parts for toys or games. Playing pieces, figures or cards can be stored separately and tidily. Spending hours searching for lost parts of toys or games becomes a thing of the past. Find what you need easily with small SafeLoc® Mini bags and start playing right away.

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