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Cling film

Perfectly adhesive and easy to tear off

With practical self-adhesive Toppits® cling film, you can keep your food fresh for longer. Whether fruit, salad or vegetables - the adaptable 3-layer special film fits perfectly and preserves the taste and nutrients in the food for a long time.

The Easy-Cut-System® is very convenient. A specially shaped tear-off saw has been integrated into the packaging. Cutting off a strip of cling film from Toppits® is easy as pie.

Another advantage is how simple it is to use the packaging - thanks to the clever packaging design you always know where the start of the cling film is.

Made with 35% recycled resources

New Toppits® cling film is made with 35% recycled resources. The production process is based on organic residues, which are recycled to Toppits® cling film using an innovative process. This makes it our most sustainable cling film to date. Our goal, however, is to steadily increase the proportion of recycled material in order to save oil and protect the environment. We have made a start and are working intensively on further development.

Salat mit Frischhaltefolie länger frisch halten.

Advantages at a glance

  • checkEasy-Cut-System® and ergonomic packaging make it especially easy to use
  • checkSelf adhesive 3 layer special material
  • checkPractical help finding the start of the roll
  • checkWider cling film - ideal for covering in one go
  • checkIntegrated roll holder - secures the roll in the pack
  • checkMade with 35% recycled resources
Mädchen in der Küche mit einer Schale Himbeeren und Frischhaltefolie.


  • Description
  • Cling film
    20 m
    32.5 cm
  • Cling film
    40 m
    32.5 cm
  • Cling film
    200 m
    29.5 cm


Cling film and fridge - the recommended combination for freshness

The transparent film is a true all-purpose product! Do you have leftover food such as vegetables, meat or pasta after lunch? Well-covered with cling film and stored in the fridge, food stays fresh and can be eaten over the next few days.

In contrast, uncovered food dries out quickly and becomes inedible. But Toppits® cling film combined with storage in a cool, dark place ensures that the food retains its original taste and nutrients for longer.

By the way: If you can't manage to eat the food in the coming days, that is no problem. Here you can find out how to store and preserve your leftover food correctly in the freezer!

Protection against unpleasant odours

Toppits® cling film is also a simple way to prevent unwanted odours from food in the refrigerator. Simply take cheese and similar odour-intensive products and wrap them well in cling film before storing them in the refrigerator.

The food will last longer and odours will not spread as much - so the taste of other foods in the refrigerator will not be affected.

Cling film as a practical help in summer

Toppits® cling film is ideal in the kitchen for storing, preserving and keeping food fresh. But the transparent film is also a very practical help outside the kitchen! For example, for an outdoor summer brunch!

Perfect preparation

Cooked too much for your guests from sheer enthusiasm? After the brunch you can simply cover all the leftover food with cling film and eat it in the days to come. That way you do something positive for the environment and you don't have to throw away good food.

The Easy-Cut-System®

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