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Quick top covers

Complete closure - keeps fresh quickly and simply

With Toppits® covers you always have just the right kitchen aid for covering fruit, vegetables and salads quickly and safely. Thanks to the elastic closure, the covers fit perfectly on all kinds of containers - from a small bowl with raspberries to a large salad bowl for the whole family.

Thanks to the different sizes of the flexible covers, a wide variety of containers can be securely covered with a perfect fit. This is a convenient way to keep your delicious food from drying out.

Fresh flavours and valuable nutrients are preserved longer with the help of Toppits® covers. Fruit, vegetables and salads can be stored safely and protected from insects.

Frischer Salat mit Erdbeeren

Advantages at a glance

  • checkCovers quickly and easily
  • checkCloses simply and tightly
  • checkElastic closure
  • checkHolds on any material
Fröhliches Kind nascht frische Himbeeren


  • Description
  • Quick top covers
    5 covers
    1 x Ø 26 cm, 2 x Ø 20 cm, 2 x Ø 14 cm

Tips for covering fruit and vegetables

Keep healthy fruit and vegetables fresh for longer 

It is not only storing fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator that is very helpful for keeping them fresh for a long time. The right cover also helps, as it lets you store your food hygienically.

Toppits® covers protect your delicious vegetables, fruit and salad from external influences. Dirt and moisture are easily and simply kept away. The covers also ensure that the food does not dry out but stays simply fresh and delicious.


Once used, the covers do not need to be thrown away. Not only do they fit on almost any container, they are also easy to clean and reuse. So, you can keep fruit and vegetables fresh and tasty again and again with just one cover.

Allow fruit and vegetables to fully ripen 

A particular advantage of Toppits® covers is that they can be used to help fruit and vegetables to fully ripen. Apples, apricots, avocados, bananas, pears, persimmons, kakis, kiwis, mangoes, passion fruit, peaches, plums and tomatoes are perfect for this.

The respiration rate of fruits that fully ripen after being picked is decisive. On the one hand, they release colourless, sweet-smelling ethylene gas. On the other hand, they absorb this gas and reprocess it . This creates a process that allows the fruit to continue to ripen even after harvesting.

This is why bananas can ripen faster if you store them together with tomatoes. Tomatoes release a lot of ethylene. Store everything safely and cleanly under a Toppits® cover so that you always have a healthy treat to hand.

If you prefer to delay the ripening process in particular fruit or vegetables, you should keep them well-separated or even store them in another room. Gaseous ethylene has about the same density as air, so it disperses throughout the whole room. Storing in a higher or a lower level in the fridge does not make a significant difference.

Separate your ripening fruit and vegetables in different containers and cover them with Toppits® covers - quickly and easily.

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