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Baking sheets

Innovative baking sheets with non-slipping base

Remove a sheet, cover the baking tray and just start baking: The new baking paper sheets with non-slip base make baking even more comfortable. No slipping of the baking sheets and the corners do not roll up anymore. Baking has never been so easy!

Thanks to the proven non-stick structure, nothing sticks and the finished pastry slides more easily off the baking sheets. A real baking helper!

The Baking Sheets are already pre-cut in the suitable baking tray size. Toppits® pre-cut baking sheets offer the special advantage that you do not have to separate the paper from the roll - one step less between you and your homemade favorite cake.

Backen noch leichter gemacht mit den Back-Bögen von Toppits®.

Advantages at a glance

  • checkCan be used on both sides
  • checkNo greasiness
  • checkNothing sticks
  • checkSilicone coating on both sides
  • checkThe oven stays clean
  • checkFrom responsible forestry
Plätzchen backen mit den Back-Bögen von Toppits®.


  • Description
  • Baking sheets
    20 sheets
    42 x 38 cm

Tips for using Baking Paper Sheets 

Lining springform pans with baking paper 

If you want to avoid additional fat, lining springform pans with Baking Paper, for example, can be a simple solution. With a little trick, the paper can be laid out in the form without making wrinkles, which often leads to unattractive cake edges.

Take a Toppits® baking sheet and place it on the bottom of the springform. Cut the sheet according to the round shape. With the new non-slip base, the baking sheet adheres perfectly to the springform, so that cutting is even more comfortable.

Now you have to line the edge of the springform. For this, cut the excess material of the baking paper sheet in straight strips, which correspond to the height of the baking form. With these separate stripes from the baking sheet you can comfortably cover the inside of the springform.

Baking Paper for sandwich makers 

The baking paper sheets from Toppits® are also great to line the insides of sandwich makers. Fold the baking sheet and place the sandwich between the layers. In the sandwich maker, both the upper and the lower surface are covered by the non-slip baking paper.

The heat is spread more gently, and the sandwiches can release fat. The result is evenly browned and hearty crispy.

It is also very practical that significantly less residue stays in the sandwich maker. That makes the enjoyment even more lighthearted.

Toppits® baking sheets are environmentally friendly kitchen helpers 

Toppits® baking paper sheets with non-slip base are not only practical in their use with their pre-cutted sheets, but also preserve the environment at the same time. The perfect pre-cutted sheets minimize leftovers and thus save paper.

In addition, paper from responsible forestry is used for the production of the non-slip Toppits® backing paper sheets - natural resources are thus conserved and used sustainably. This is even FSC certified.

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