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Aluminium foil for baking

Easy to shape - nothing sticks

With aluminium foil for baking from Toppits® baking will be even more fun in future!  Aluminium foil for baking combines the advantages of baking paper with the strengths of aluminium foil. Whether you use a loaf pan, a baking tray or a round springform pan - it adapts perfectly to every shape and size!

Toppits® baking aluminium foil has a special non-stick coating that allows your delicious food to be taken out of the oven in perfect condition. Because cakes, pizza etc can be taken from the baking tray simply and easily - without troublesome sticking to the tray!

This makes baking even quicker and easier, because Toppits® aluminium foil for baking dispenses with the need to grease the baking tins before baking. Simply loosen the aluminium foil after baking and enjoy your delicious food!

Further notes on use:

Aluminium foil is not suitable for covering food in metal containers. Aluminium foil is not suitable for acidic or salty food. Do not use in the microwave.

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Advantages at a glance

  • checkNothing sticks thanks to the non-stick coating
  • checkTear proof
  • checkKeeps its shape
  • checkHeat resistant to 220°C
  • checkThe oven stays clean
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  • Description
  • Aluminium foil for baking
    6 m
    38 cm

Using aluminium foil for baking 

Baking preparation made easy

Need to bake cakes for the next big family party? Or you want to enjoy a homemade pizza with friends?

Toppits® aluminium foil for baking is ideal for baking trays and tins of various types and sizes. Aluminium foil for baking is easy to cut to size and is tear-resistant, so no holes or tears appear when lining the baking tin. 

Perfect home baking 

Often baking paper is used to bake cakes in a cake tin. To do this you need to completely line the baking tin with baking paper to prevent the food being spoiled or broken when it is lifted out afterwards - a laborious and time-consuming process.

With Toppits® aluminium foil for baking lining baking tins is quick and effortless. It doesn’t  matter if the baking tin is round or rectangular - the base and edges can be covered perfectly, because Toppits® aluminium foil for baking is easy to fit to the right shape and it stays securely in place round the edges of the baking tin.   

Especially when baking types of dough that rise more and tend to stick to the edges of the baking tin, using aluminium foil for baking is ideal. The corners of the baking tin can be lined securely. This makes it easy to prevent the dough from sticking to the edges. Even cake mix fits neatly into the baking tin without unsightly edges and ridges.

Perfect home baking is guaranteed. Your cake will look delicious when your guests arrive for Sunday afternoon coffee time!

Ideal for the oven 

Toppits® aluminium foil for baking is perfect for your next baking project. It is heat resistant up to 220°C and is ideal for baking any kind of dough in the oven.

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