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Piping bags

For creative designs and decorating

With Toppits® piping bags, cakes, cupcakes and muffins become true works of art! Decorate, embellish and design - no limits are set on your creativity!

Using the piping bag is very simple. With the three different decorating nozzles it's easy to create very impressive designs to decorate all kinds of baked goods. Your cake will be the highlight at the next afternoon coffee time!

The great thing is that the decorating nozzles are easy to remove from the piping bag after use and can be washed and reused. So, you are fully prepared for the next afternoon coffee time! 

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Advantages at a glance

  • checkHygienic
  • check3 reusable decorating nozzles
  • checkPractical to use
  • checkVersatile
  • checkEasy to clean
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  • Description
  • Piping bag
    10 bags + 3 decorating nozzles

Tips for decorating food 

Decorate simply and beautifully like a professional 

Toppits® piping bags contain three practical decorating nozzles: a round nozzle, a star nozzle and a shell nozzle. Simply put the nozzle you want on the piping bag and you're ready. The attachments can be used to quickly create a wide variety of decorations, adornments and designs.

You want to decorate your freshly baked cupcakes or muffins with a special little topping? Fine baked goods such as macarons need to be filled with sweet cream? Or are you planning an elaborate cake such as a Black Forest gateau? Whether you are a professional baker or an amateur confectioner - with Toppits® decorating nozzles you can create simple or more elaborate cake decorations in no time at all.

Fill your piping bag creatively 

You need to be creative not only when decorating the food. You can also give free rein to your inventive spirit when it comes to fillings for the piping bag. Cupcake garnishes such as frostings or icings can be used with Toppits® piping bags you can also use firmer butter creams or lighter yoghurt creams to decorate gateaux, cakes and pastries.

For baking creations with creams (so-called frostings or toppings), as well as for decorating cakes with delicious sugar glazes or icings - create all your decorative ideas with style and confidence.

Toppits® piping bags and decorating nozzles are not only suitable for decorating sweet dishes and desserts. Impressive looking savoury dishes can also be made using piping bags. For example, you could create little domes of mashed potatoes for a visual highlight at your next buffet!

Decorate hygienically and cleanly 

With Toppits® piping bags, decorating your food is easy, accurate and clean. The decorating nozzles fit securely in the piping bag so that the contents do not spill and your work surfaces stay clean.

The piping bags themselves are intended for single use to ensure maximum hygiene so that you can conjure up delicious creations without worries.

After decorating, you can easily remove the decorating nozzles and clean them thoroughly. They are reusable and are perfect for decorating cakes etc. just the way you want.

Toppits® hopes you enjoy your next creative food decoration idea!

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