Sustainable household products? Environmentally friendly practical household aids!

For us, sustainable household articles are products that cause very little harm to the envi-ronment. We are working on fully integrating our entire product portfolio into the circular economy by 2025. This means that we will no longer need any new fossil raw materials to manufacture our products as the articles will be made exclusively from recycled or renew-able materials and can be fully recycled or composted after use. Find out more about the approach to sustainability at Toppits®.

The Toppits® portfolio already includes many products that can be reused several times. For example, our Toppits® freezer bags and Zipper® bags are not only real all-round performer but are so strong that they can be reused several times.  Toppits® beeswax wraps can be used up to 500 times and are made of especially sustainable materials.

We believe that it is important that truly sustainable household products become part of the circular economy. In the circular economy model, existing materials and products are reused and recycled for as long as possible to extend the life cycle of the materials. We therefore not only ensure that our products are made from sustainable resources, but that the products themselves can serve again as raw materials for new products after use. In this way, waste can be reduced to a minimum and resources can be recycled and reused.

Does the circular economy prevent plastic waste?

In the circular economy, plastic waste is a valuable resource for the production of new, sustainable products. Recycling starts at home. For example, when a Toppits® freezer bag has reached the end of its life and needs to be thrown away, it is important to dispose of it correctly so that it can be returned to the cycle. If you are not sure how to properly recycle your Toppits® products, contact your local waste management company. Click here for more information on the importance of recycling.

Are products more environmentally friendly through recycling?

To make our household products more sustainable and environmentally friendly, we strive to use recycled or renewable raw materials in the manufacturing process. By using non-fossil raw materials, we reduce the use of fossil raw materials such as oil and make an important contribution towards greater sustainability.

Are ice cube bags sustainable? 

Reusable products make an important contribution to the sustainable use of raw materials. For this reason, we offer Toppits® beeswax tissues, which can be used up to 500 times. Unfortunately, however, reusable products cannot yet be used in all areas of the household. This is often for hygienic reasons, because strict hygiene standards apply to the processing of raw meat, for example.

Sheer lack of space in the freezer compartment sometimes makes the use of disposables easier and safer. For these reasons, there are still some disposable items in our product portfolio. However, our aim is to make these products as sustainable as possible and to ensure that they are used in a way that does not further impact the climate.

Why are new Toppits® products not made from old Toppits® products?

Today, most of our products are already made from 35% recycled resources. These resources include organic residues from the food cycle that are safe for food storage. This means that some of the raw materials consist of residual resources in order to reduce the use of oil-based raw materials. More on this topic and the mass balance approach can be found here.

Most products in the Toppits® portfolio are recyclable. It is not currently possible to make new products which are intended to come into contact with food from these products as the requirements for this type of recycling are especially high. This is to ensure that they can safely come into contact with food. However, if disposed of correctly, the material from our products could, for example, be used to make new high-quality bin liners.

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