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Ice cube bags

Easy to remove the ice cubes individually

It's this simple - fill the ice cube bag and close it in an instant with the practical self-closure. With the special tear-off foil, each ice cube stays hygienically packed in the bag until it is removed individually as needed.

Perfect ice cubes for summer drinks are guaranteed with ice cube bags from Toppits®. So easy to fill that even children can make fresh ice cubes for themselves in summer. With Toppits® ice cube bags you're perfectly prepared for the heat and can sparkle at your parties. With our tips, your ice cubes will not only be a refreshing treat, but also a real eye-catcher.

Now manufactured with 70% recycled resources

Our Toppits® icecube bag is now manufactured with 70% recycled and renewable resources! Thanks to our innovative production process. It is based on processed residual materials, which are converted into our Toppits® icecube bag using an innovative method. Increasing this to 70% recycled resources means we are edging ever closer to our goal: to have all Toppits® products manufactured with 100% recycled or renewable resources by 2025, making them 100% circular. Read more about our 100% Circular Mission here.

Eiskalte Getränke mit runden Eiswürfeln aus den Eiskugelbeuteln von Toppits®.

Advantages at a glance

  • checkEasy to fill
  • checkAutomatic self closure
  • checkIce cubes easy to remove from the foil
  • checkIce cubes can be removed individually
Sommerliche Getränke zubereiten mit runden Eiswürfeln aus den Eiskugelbeuteln von Toppits®.


  • Description
  • Ice cube bags
    15 bags for 19 ice cubes a total of 285 ice cubes


Make colourful ice cubes

Make wonderfully colourful ice cubes with Toppits® ice cube bags - great fun for young and old and they look amazing in summer drinks. You can use the ice cube bags to freeze juices or lemonade. Another advantage of Toppits® ice cube bags is that they are incredibly easy to use.

You could fill one bag with cherry juice and another bag with banana juice. This creates a great colour and taste combination. The colourful ice cubes look fantastic when added to a glass of water and this means children are much more likely to drink enough in summer.

Unused ice cubes that are still in an ice cube bag can simply be put back into the freezer thanks to the special tear-off foil from Toppits®.

Instructions for use

Hold the bag on the left and right of the filling funnel and slowly fill it with cold water.
Hold the bag at the lower end and turn it over. Automatic self closing is activated. Place the bag flat in the freezer.
To remove the ice cubes, slowly pull the tear-off corner at the bottom of the bag apart.

Make clear ice cubes

Sometimes you see these clear ice cubes, which look especially attractive, almost magical. The trick behind this is easily explained - clear ice cubes are created when the water freezes very slowly. This allows the small air bubbles that produce the milky hue in normal ice cubes to dissolve.

For the catering industry there are machines that can manage this process very well and give great results. But even at home you can produce completely clear ice cubes simply by using a little trick.

To ensure that the ice in the bag forms very slowly, you can place a small cooler bag or other insulating cooling container in the ice compartment. This protects from the cold to some extent. The Toppits® ice cube bag is then placed in the cooler bag or other insulating container. The liquid in the bag freezes more slowly under these conditions, so that the air bubbles dissolve.

Frozen vs. thawing ice

It is easy to take single ice cubes  from the Toppits® ice cube bag and store the rest safely in the freezer. Especially in midsummer, however, you may find that the ice cubes are not yet completely frozen or that someone has left a half-full bag in the heat.

A trick to keep the consistency of the ice cubes a little longer even at room temperature is to store them in a sieve. This can be positioned over a tray, for example, so that the melt water can drip off the ice cubes unimpeded. The heat exchange with the air is less than in water. This means that the ice cubes keep longer even at warmer temperatures and they look more appealing.

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