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Roasting tube

Delicious cooking with less fat

Cooking delicious crisp vegetables, juicy meat and tender fish without fat, is easy with our roasting tube. The real advantage is the closed cooking system. Simply cut the tube to the desired length. Then add food such as fish, meat and vegetables. The OptiVit® valve allows the hot air to escape from the roasting tube in a safe and regulated way during the cooking process. Perfect for cooking succulent, wonderfully aromatic and delicious meals. And if you use a Toppits® roasting tube or roasting bag, you can also take delight in having a clean oven.

Rohen Lachs in einem Bratschlauch von Toppits® schmackhaft zubereiten.

Advantages at a glance

  • checkDelicious cooking without adding fat
  • checkOptiVit® valve - for optimum steam cooking, allows hot air to escape safely
  • checkThe oven stays clean
Kochvergnügen mit Produkten von Toppits® wie dem Bratschlauch.


  • Description
  • Roasting tube
    3 m
    31 cm


Toppits® Roasting tube video

We show you how easy it is to use a Toppits® roasting tube in our video. The roasting tube can be filled conveniently and cleanly without leaving a trace on your kitchen surfaces.

Due to the closed cooking system only a little liquid is required to prepare deliciously juicy and tender dishes. With the OptiVit® valve, the filled roasting tube is easy to seal. The valve also allows hot air to escape from the tube.

The particular versatility of our roasting tube is apparent when, for example, you want to cook the meat first and then give it a delicious crust. To do this simply open the roasting tube with scissors once the meat is cooked. This creates a fine crisp surface on the meat, which looks and tastes delicious.

Toppits® Roasting tube instruction video

Instructions for use

Cut the Toppits® roasting tube 20 cm longer than the food.
Twist the tube together and seal one side with the enclosed OptiVit® valve clip.
Open the tube sleeve wide and put the food, the toher ingredients and 1 tablespoon of liquid into the Toppits® roasting tube.
Close the second side with the enclosed OptiVit® valve clip. Place the roasting tube in the middle of a cold baking tray and place it on the lowest sliding shelf of the oven. The Toppits® roasting tube must not touch the hot oven walls.
The roasting tube inflates during the cooking process. Thanks to the OptiVit® valve, hot air can escape through the clip. Your food is optimally protected and cooked in a way that preserves vitamins. Remove the Toppits® roasting tube with the baking tray from the oven. Then cut open the roasting tube at the top with the scissors - be careful, hot steam can escape. Our tip for connoisseurs: Drain the liquid and turn it into a sauce.
Finally, drain the liquid and make a sauce with it.

Functions of a roasting tube

When preparing food in an oven, a lot of liquid is usually lost through evaporation. Fish and meat can then dry very quickly. Vegetables, on the other hand, lose their strength. Therefore, the primary function of a roasting tube is to trap the steam of the prepared food. This enables ideal and gentle cooking.

This results in the second essential function of a roasting tube: wherever fat is used to prepare dishes, you can do this without this additive. Cooking with a roasting tube is therefore a very low-calorie and healthy option.

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