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Our commitment

Toppits® supports the initiative "Don't throw me away".

10. April 2018, 13:28 Uh
Toppits® unterstützt die Initiative „Wirf mich nicht weg“

The issue of food waste is playing an increasingly important role, especially in today's world. This issue is also close to our hearts, which is why we are proud to be making a contribution by supporting the "Don't throw me away" initiative.

"Don't throw me away", ("Wirf mich nicht weg" - WMNW) is a project run by the regional environmental centre Hollen and offers information and practical tips for a resource-saving relationship to food. Children in their third and fourth school years are taught how to relate to food in a playful way. They also learn how important considerate and sustainable food production is, and how to best store and recycle leftover food. With lots of interesting exercises the children have plenty of fun too.

Objective of the initiative

This initiative aims to minimize or even stop the waste of valuable resources. Through educational work and playful exercises in schools, pupils are informed about specific nutritional and behavioural patterns and thereby sensitized in the appreciation of food. Global connections as well as the importance of individual actions are emphasized. In the long term, the aim is to empower students to implement a more sustainable lifestyle overall.

New: Homeschooling

The corona pandemic in 2020 will highlight the limitations and consequences resulting from a global crisis. This makes it all the more important to prevent possible environmental crises in the long term and to continue to provide education and raise awareness for the responsible use of food.

Since personal involvement in the classroom is currently not possible, videos, interactive worksheets, small online games and other materials have been created to show children at home in a playful way that food is valuable and does not simply belong in the bin. Information for teachers and parents are also included.

If we have awoken your interest in this great initiative, you can find out more at

Wenn wir dein Interesse an dieser tollen Initiative geweckt haben findest du mehr Informationen unter

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