How heat-resistant are aluminium barbecue trays?

Aluminium barbecue trays are highly heat-resistant - aluminium only begins to melt at temperatures above 600°C. For this reason, aluminium barbecue trays are ideal for barbe-cuing. Aluminium barbecue trays can be used in a variety of ways: for direct or indirect grilling, for collecting liquids on the grill and for keeping food warm. Aluminium barbecue trays can also be used in the oven to prepare delicious vegetables, fish or meat.

Versatile aluminium barbecue trays 

Virtually no limits are set to your imagination when it comes to creating delicious dishes with barbecue trays. Pecorino cheese, vegetables or even a fresh lasagne can be prepared simply and easily to suit your taste. Especially for barbecuing, aluminium barbecue trays open up a wide range of possibilities.

Stable and reliable

Thanks to the high quality of the barbecue trays, they retain their shape and reliably collect liquid escaping from food. The edges of aluminium barbecue trays are strong and stable and therefore perfect for keeping barbecued food in the tray.


Toppits® barbecue trays are not just for a single use. They can be used over and over again to conjure up fresh dishes. This saves money and helps protect the environment.

Notes on use

When barbecuing, care must be taken not to place the aluminium barbecue trays directly into the embers. It is also important to place the trays horizontally on the grill. Acidic and salty food should not come into contact with aluminium, this also applies to the aluminium barbecue trays. Do not use in the microwave.

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