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Barbecue tray

Pure barbecue delight

The aluminium barbecue tray is versatile: for direct or indirect grilling (instead of aluminium foil), for collecting liquids under the grill and for keeping food warm. This makes vegetables, meat and fish real barbecue treats.

Instructions for use:
Aluminium trays must not come into contact with acidic or salty foodstuffs as they may disintegrate in such cases. Do not use in the microwave.

Frisch gegrillte Fleischspieße

Advantages at a glance

  • checkKeep their shape
  • checkHeat resistant
  • checkThe grill stays clean
Mann grillt im Garten


  • Description
  • Barbecue tray
    3 trays
    22x17 cm

Instructions for use

Direct grilling: Aluminium tray with food on the grill directly over the charcoal.
Indirect grilling: Aluminium tray with the food to be barbecued on the grate next to the charcoal.
Collecting tray: aluminium tray for collecting liquids such as marinade and fat under the grate with the food to be barbecued.

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