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Toppits® offers the right product for every recipe for the oven and microwave: Fry with less fat. Cook vegetables gently. Snacks become crispy and tender. Cooking with Toppits® is a real pleasure, it saves time and keeps the kitchen clean.

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Aluminium foil

With Toppits® aluminium foil you can safely preserve the taste and nutrients in your food. Thanks to the double-strength honeycomb texture and the ...

Aluminium foil XL

You can reliably cover large platters and wide baking trays as well as food in XL containers in one go. The double strength honeycomb texture ensures ...

Cross & Frit® Paper

Special Cross&Frit® paper absorbs excess fat and liquids when cooking in the oven. This makes oven snacks, such as chips, light and crispy. At the same ...

Microwave cling film 2in1

Microwave cling film 2in1 from Toppits® gives you two kitchen aids in one pack. You can use it to keep food fresh and protect it from drying out. You ...

Roasting bags 2in1

With the Toppits® roasting bag 2in1 you can gently cook in the oven or microwave without adding fat. The practical OptiVit® valve regulates the pressure ...

Roasting tube

Cooking delicious crisp vegetables, juicy meat and tender fish without fat, is easy with our roasting tube. The real advantage is the ...

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