Can baking paper burn?

Toppits® baking paper is made from natural raw materials and so it is not surprising that the baking paper is essentially made of a flammable material. However, this does not mean that baking paper in an oven will immediately start to burn - after all, it is made es-pecially for use in the oven.

Use natural baking paper in the oven 

When used properly, baking paper can be used in the oven without any problems. The paper can withstand high temperatures and is heat resistant up to 220° C.

Position the baking paper correctly

If baking paper is not in the correct position on a baking tray or rack, it can come into contact with the heating elements during baking and catch fire.  However, with the innovative baking paper from Toppits® with a non-slip backing, it is possible to prevent the paper from slipping or rolling up.

In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the corners of the baking paper cannot bend upwards, for example due to the fan settings in your oven.

The baking paper is easy to cut to the perfect size so that everything stays in place. Alternatively, you can use Toppits® baking sheets with non-slip backing, which are already pre-cut to the correct size for a baking tray.

So nothing burns when you use baking paper 

When using baking paper, the instructions on the pack provide an effective guide to the correct, intended use. For example, it shows the maximum temperature the paper is able to withstand. Baking paper should be disposed of after use. It may be too dry to use a second time as the risk of catching fire increases.

If you follow the instructions for use, natural baking paper is ideal for preparing cakes, bread, pizzas and many other favourite dishes in the oven.

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