Which Zipper® bag is best for taking on the plane?

According to EU regulations, liquids must be transported in hand luggage in a resealable, transparent plastic bag. The plastic bag can have a maximum volume of one litre. So, the resealable 1 litre Zipper® bag from Toppits® is ideal for air travel.

How many items with liquids can be put in the Zipper® bag?

If you want to carry liquids in your in-flight luggage you need a resealable plastic bag - this is also required for non-liquid cosmetics such as creams, gels, deodorants, toothpastes, perfumes and mascaras. The individual containers must not contain more than 100ml. A maximum of ten 100ml containers can be carried in a 1L Zipper® bag on the plane and they all have to fit easily into the completely closed plastic bag. Only one bag per passenger is permitted and it must be closed at the time of inspection.

What features must the Zipper® bag have for hand luggage?

It is important that the plastic bag is closed during inspection and on board. The bag must have either an integrated Zipper® or a pressure seal strip if it is used on a plane. SafeLoc® freezer bags from Toppits® are ideal for air travel as they are easy to open and can be securely resealed thanks to the easy opening system and the SafeLoc® closure.

Our recommendation for air travel: Zipper® bags from Toppits® 

The most convenient and stress-free way to travel on a plane is with the resealable Zipper® bags from Toppits® because they can be closed in no time at all and are particularly tough and tear resistant. If your favourite perfume leaks inside a Zipper® bag it will be sealed in and the rest of the luggage will stay clean and dry thanks to the leak-proof safety zip.

As well as being popular and widely used in hand luggage, Zipper® bags are also ideal for organising the contents of your suitcase. Whether for hair accessories, charging cables, toothbrushes or similar items - SafeLoc® freezer bags or Zipper® bags in a range of sizes help organise your luggage and make travelling a more relaxed experience.

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