Which waste bin should aluminium foil go into?

Toppits® aluminium foil is a practical kitchen aid for everyday use. Whether used for cover-ing leftover food or wrapping food to take with you on the go, aluminium foil it's makes it easy. However, after use, the following questions come up again and again: which bin should I dispose of them in after use?

Disposing of aluminium foil - what to consider? 

Aluminium foil - which bin should it go in? Does this belong in the residual waste or in the recycling bin?  Generally speaking, aluminium is a valuable raw material and should therefore be disposed of in the recycling bin. The best way to find out how aluminium foil that is only slightly soiled can be disposed of where you live is to contact your local waste management company directly. If recyclables are not collected separately where you live or if the aluminium foil is heavily soiled, it is better to dispose of it in the non-recyclable waste bin. Foil can become heavily soiled, for example, by greasy food residue sticking to it. Specialist waste disposal companies recommend disposing of heavily soiled aluminium foil in the bin for non-recyclable waste.

What is aluminium foil made of and how do you dispose of it properly?

In order to decide how best to dispose of aluminium foil, it is best to take a look at what it is actually made of. Aluminium foil is a raw material and in Germany and Austria it is produced with 100 % high-quality industrial recycled aluminium and additives; in other countries, aluminium foil usually consists of at least 95 % pure aluminium. However, aluminium foil is 100 % recyclable and should be taken to a recycling centre if possible. Disposing of aluminium foil in the recycling bin is the right thing to do.

Dispose of aluminium foil in an environmentally friendly way 

Toppits® aluminium foil, like other Toppits® aluminium products, should go in the recycling bin. Why is that? Many common packaging materials include aluminium foil.

For example:

  • Aluminium cans
  • Aluminium trays
  • Cosmetic containers made of aluminium
  • Because aluminium foil is Recyclable it should be taken to a recycling centre if possible.

Use and dispose of aluminium foil correctly - for the sake of the environment 

Toppits® Aluminium foil is available in the normal version or as Aluminium foil XL. All of these practical kitchen aids can be used to cook, store or pack food. Toppits® aluminium foil has a special double-strength honeycomb texture, which is created using a two-layer rolling process. Toppits® aluminium foil is made of a special alloy to make it tear-resistant and heat-resistant. Thanks to their reliable strength, Toppits® aluminium products can often be used several times. Barbecue trays and express barbecue trays from Toppits® are particularly suited for repeated use as they are very robust. When aluminium foils or barbecue trays are no longer reusable they should be disposed of in the recycling bin. They then become part of the recycling process and the recycling loop continues.

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