Tips to combat food waste

Toppits® products help to preserve food and give it a longer shelf life. We also give tips on how to store food properly and how to extend the shelf life of vegetables, meat and the like, to help you avoid wasting food. Our recipes contain many hints on cooking with lefto-ver food.

How Toppits® helps save food? 

On our ‘tips & tricks’ page there are many articles that help you to avoid wasting food. Many of our articles are about freezing and storing food in the freezer. But you will also find tips on how to store food properly in the fridge. One thing is certain - if stored correctly, food will last much longer - whether in the freezer or the fridge. With the right knowledge, you will be able to save food in no time at all. Click here for our Tips & Tricks!

Avoid food waste with the Toppits® Foodsaver App 

Freezing food is an ideal way to save prepared meals, fruit and vegetables - but the problem is that even in the freezer, nothing lasts forever.

The Toppits® Foodsaver app helps you keep track of what's in the freezer so that nothing is forgotten and food doesn't have to be thrown away. With the free foodsaver app each frozen food can be listed - so you always have a clear overview and know what's going to expire next. Together with Toppits® freezer bags and 1L SafeLoc® freezer bags with pre-printed freshness codes, the Foodsaver App creates an unbeatable team against food waste.

Save overripe fruit with simple tricks 

Especially on warm summer days, fruit can quickly go bad and have to be thrown away. But with simple tricks, delicious berries, juicy melons etc. can be saved before it is too late! Most fruits can be kept frozen for up to a year - so you can enjoy their delicious sweetness even in winter. All of our tips for freezing fresh fruit can be found here.

Toppits® supports the ‘Don't throw me away’ initiative 

The ‘Don't throw me away’ initiative is a project from the Hollen Environmental Centre and has been supported by Toppits® since 2015. The initiative visits primary schools throughout Germany and uses helpful materials to provide information about food waste in a playful way. The children also get practical tips on how to use food without wasting any.  

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