Is there such a thing as sustainable plastic?

How sustainable is plastic? Plastic has a bad reputation because it is made from the fossil fuels oil or petroleum. But we are committed to a sustainable approach to plastic products and are constantly working to make our products more sustainable.

The path to a more sustainable use of plastics 

Toppits® is committed to a more sustainable use of plastic. With our sustainable plastic products, we pursue the ideal of a circular economy. By 2025, we aim for all products in our portfolio to be made from recycled or renewable resources and to be recyclable or compostable after use. Together with our raw material suppliers, we follow the mass balance approach. This makes it possible to use plastics from renewable or recycled raw materials while at the same time ensuring the highly efficient use of energy and materials. After use, our products contribute to the circular economy as many of them are recyclable.

Exactly which recycled resources are used? 

The manufacture of new sustainable Toppits® products is based on processed organic waste materials. These come, for example, from the food cycle and can be regenerated into Toppits® products using state-of-the-art recycling processes.

Are the resources safe? 

The resources used are completely safe and pose no risk to health. It is a high priority for us to continue to guarantee reliable Toppits® quality.

Bio-based plastics as a resource for Toppits® products 

It is still a disposable product - is that sustainable? 

The sustainability of plastic bags is of course debatable, but we offer many products that can be used multiple times. Freezer bags and Zipper® bags can be reused over and over again if they are washed after use, and beeswax wipes can be reused up to 500 times.

We believe that the shift to a circular economy is a significant contribution to a more sustainable world. An important part of the circular economy is recycling, which is the reprocessing of waste for new purposes. We want our products not only to be made with sustainable resources, but also to serve as raw material for new products after use. Find out more about the circular economy here.

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