Is cling film heat resistant?

Generally, cling film is not heat resistant and should not be used in an oven, as it can melt and the food can then no longer be eaten. However, there are several alternative products that are more heat resistant and therefore suitable for use in a microwave, such as micro-wave film from Toppits®.

Heat resistance of cling film 

The heat resistance of cling film is not designed for oven use. It is therefore advisable to use other types of film that can withstand higher temperatures. Aluminium foil is perfect for use in the oven. Aluminium foil is particularly tear-resistant and heat-resistant. It is therefore the perfect choice for cooking, baking, roasting, barbecuing and keeping food fresh.

What type of cling film is suitable for heating food? 

For heating food in the microwave, microwave cling film 2in1 from Toppits® is ideal. Just like normal cling film, microwave cling film  2in keeps food perfectly fresh. This special film is also suitable for microwave ovens. This means that the film can be used without any problems when heating food in the microwave. At the same time, it acts as effective spatter protection, so that the microwave always stays nice and clean after the food has been heated.

Heat resistance information for use 

All cling films have information on heat resistance on the packaging. It is important to keep to the instructions regarding the maximum temperatures for heat resistance. This means, cling film is not suitable for use in ovens. Using cling film can produce harmful vapours that make food unfit for consumption.

By paying attention to the information on the packaging and the correct use of the various foils and films, there is nothing to get in the way of preparing food easily and safely.

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