Dispose of freezer bags correctly

Toppits® freezer bags are a great invention that helps many people keep things tidy in their freezer. Freezer bags are also useful for storing food and preventing unappetising freezer burn. But which bin should freezer bags be disposed of in?

What to consider when disposing of freezer bags?

What is the best way to recycle used freezer bags? The most reliable way to find out how to dispose of freezer bags is to contact your local waste management company. Rule of thumb: If recyclable plastics are collected in your area, the freezer bags should go in the recycling bin. If only packaging is collected, the freezer bags should be disposed of with non-recyclable waste.

Sometimes freezer bags get soiled due to repeated use or food that has stuck to the material.

The best way to recycle freezer bags, even if they are heavily soiled, is to clean them, so that they can still be disposed of with the recyclable waste.

Which bags can go in the recyclable plastics bin?

As well as the standard Toppits® freezer bags, there are other practical types of bags that can be recycled after use. These products include:


Sustainable use and disposal of freezer bags 

In addition to disposing of freezer bags properly, for the sake of the environment, it is also possible to reuse them. With a bit of care and environmental awareness, these useful everyday kitchen aids can be used sustainably. Recycling is also important. Toppits® freezer bags are made with 35% recycled materials. In the future, this proportion will be increased to make the freezer bags even more sustainable in the long term. These materials include organic residues from the food cycle that are safe for storing food. You can find more about this and the mass balance approach we use here.

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