The all-purpose bag

Resealable Zipper® bags from Toppits® keep the contents of the bag securely sealed in. This makes it the perfect household help for freezing and keeping food fresh at home and on the go.

Of course, you can also use Zipper® bags to store, sort and transport smaller items of all kinds. It's a great way to keep things organized and protect anything you value. With a Zzzzzip - securely sealed!

Thanks to the special material, Zipper® bags are tear-resistant and strong. The zip closure allows you to eat something from the bag and then simply close it again. Even particularly moist food can be transported Toppits® all-purpose bags. 

Ein frischer Apfel wird geschnitten und im Zipper® Beutel aufbewahrt.

Advantages at a glance

  • checkZip - closes easily and securely again and again
  • checkHigh quality special material - especially tear proof and waterproof
  • checkFlexible standing base - to fill easily
  • checkVersatile household aid for keeping food fresh, freezing, storing and transporting
Ein Mädchen isst lachend frische Beeren aus dem Zipper Beutel.


  • Description
  • Zipper® all-purpose bag
    12 bags
  • Zipper® all-purpose bag
    28 bags
  • Zipper® all-purpose bag
    8 bags
  • Zipper® all-purpose bag
    18 bags
  • Zipper® all-purpose bag
    12 bags


Fresh food whenever and wherever you want

What can you do? Feeling hungry, in your enthusiasm you've cooked more than you can eat. Throwing it away is out of the question, because you do not want to waste good food. Keep the leftovers in a resealable Zipper® bag from Toppits® and enjoy your delicious food later!

You can even store sauces, soups or stews in Toppits® reusable Zipper® bags because the closure is airtight and watertight. Food and flavour stay where they belong and the food stays deliciously fresh so you can enjoy it later!

Whether you want to take your food with you, store it in the fridge or freeze it for a long time, Toppits® Zipper® bags make it easy for you! So, you also avoid wasting food. Take a look at our ‘don't throw me away’ initiative - this teaches children in a playful way how to use food in a resource-saving way and not waste it.

The kitchen all-rounder with a zip

You can use Zipper® bags not only for storage, but also for preparing food. When you unpack the grill for the BBQ in summer and want to grill delicious marinated steaks, reach for Zipper®!

Durable zipper bags are perfect for marinating food for a barbecue. Simply put in the meat, add the marinade and zzzzzzip!

And when you want to serve delicious cheesecake for dessert, you can reach for a Zipper® bag. Crumble the biscuits for the cake base into it without getting crumbs everywhere!

Going through the security check with your hand luggage

Toppits® Zipper® bags are also a great help outside the kitchen. They are perfect for hand luggage - they keep your cosmetics safe and can be taken through the security check at any airport!

Carefree on the beach thanks to Zipper® 

You can also use Zipper® bags after your flight on holiday. Put small items in the bag to protect them from water and sand on the beach.

It does not matter whether it is your passport, playing cards or a book - thanks to the tear-resistant material and the secure zip fastener, no water or sand can spoil your things.

You can even protect and use your smartphone and e-reader in this way. Then nothing can get in the way of a relaxing time in the sun!

Toppits® Zipper®

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