What is meant by sous vide cooking?

Sous vide is a method for cooking fish, meat or vegetables. The food is placed in a bag from which as much of the air is removed as possible. It is then cooked in water at relatively low temperatures. The particularly gentle preparation with sous-vide is appealing because food is cooked at temperatures below 100°C. This means that meat and fish do not dry out but remain ten-der and delicious. Vegetables stay crisp and tasty with vacuum cooking, while preserving the nutrients and vitamins. Another special feature of sous vide is that the vacuum bag is placed in water to cook the ingredients particularly slowly and gently. This means you can control the temperature very precisely, which leads to even better results!

Sous vide cooking with Toppits®

The sous vide cooking method is possible using freezer and cooking bags from Toppits®. The bags are perfect for sealing food watertight. For example, a tender fillet of beef can be cooked very simply and gently.

Preparation for sous vide 

Simply take a tasty piece of beef fillet and rub it with a little olive oil. Add fresh herbs, such as rosemary, and place the meat in the cooking bag. Then remove the air from the bag by hand and close it.  This way you can benefit from the sous vide method - even without a perfect vacuum.

The correct cooking method 

As the preparation has already been done, the bag and its contents are then simply placed in a sous vide cooker, the temperature and time are set and the beef fillet is cooked slowly and gently. For the bain-marie, we recommend taking a pot and heating it. For the best possible result, make sure the water temperature is constant, for example 55 degrees.

Delicious results 

Depending on its size, the perfectly cooked fillet of beef can be removed from the bag after about 2 hours - pink and tender throughout. Now the herbs should be removed and the meat briefly fried in a grill pan to allow delicious roasting aromas to develop. Season with a little sea salt and freshly ground pepper and it's ready - the perfect beef fillet.

Advantages of sous vide cooking 

The advantages of sous vide cooking are obvious. Meat and fish lose less liquid, do not contract and keep their shape. When cooked properly, the food does not dry out and it is impossible to overcook the food if the water temperature is set correctly.

For a series of successful, perfectly cooked dishes over several courses, we recommend sous-vide as the cooking method of choice - because timing to the second is not so important and the various dishes can be prepared and kept warm for guests without any problem. Bon appétit!

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