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Toppits® - Today made with 35% recycled resources

Let’s make a difference – together

20. August 2021, 08:14 Uh

    Today, most of our products are made with 35% recycled resources. This is only the beginning: We’re on a mission to move all our products to be fully circular – meaning to increase the share of recycled resources in our products continuously to 100% by 2025.  All while making it easy for you to keep your carefully prepared food fresh for later.

    Our products are made with recycled materials

    Completely safe to use and better for the planet, the 35% recycled raw material we use today is from organic residues like those found in the food cycle – rather than virgin plastic made from fossil fuels. Each % we can replace makes a difference.

    35% is of course only the first step of our way: We aim to have all our products made from 100% recycled resources by 2025. The adjustment of our products is a continuous process, as existing formulations are closely reviewed and, in some cases, supply chains and productions have to be changed in order to gradually convert Toppits® products completely to recycled or renewable resources. Together with our raw material suppliers, we’re taking the mass-balance approach to this. It means we can use plastics from renewable or recycled raw materials without wasting resources.

    Our products are recyclable

    It is a sad truth: Plastic is too often seen as disposable waste – instead of being treated as a valuable resource which can be recycled. We wholeheartedly agree: Any plastic not being recycled needs to be avoided!

    Correctly disposed of, plastic can often easily be recycled – and used again and again, making it an efficient raw material with enormous benefits with regards to e.g. weight in transport and durability versus other materials. Besides correct disposal, for this to happen the infrastructure for plastic collection and recycling needs to be in place.

    It is important to us that all our products easily be sorted and go back into the cycle and be used again in other plastic products.

    For many of our products we are also aiming to increase their lifespan by making them reusable. Our Zipper® Bag, our Fruits & Vegetable Bag as well as our SafeLoc® / Freezer Bag range can be cleaned out easily and be reused multiple times. And then, after having served their purpose in the kitchen and having kept your herbs fresh, your meat marinaded and your leftovers frozen - maybe you give them a 2nd life by

    • sorting some screws or other bits and pieces which get lost easily?
    • hibernating your bulbs during wintertime
    • making them become a cool pack for your next picnic?

    What you can do to help us fuel the cycle - here are some ideas for recycling plastic:

    • Inform yourself today about your regional regulations
    • Set a special garbage bin/bag for plastic waste aside
    • Make sure you separate products before recycling them e.g. don’t stuff freezer bags inside one other.
    • Set your calendar to remind yourself about specific collection schedules
    • Remember you don’t have to clean out plastic before recycling collections

    Thank you for recycling!

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