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Household products that are always useful

Keeping food fresh, freezing, baking, cooking, storing and transporting - Toppits® with its wide range of different products is the little household helper. Of course, we are also concerned with sustainability and recycling. We work intensively on our products so that they stay helpful, including for the environment.

14. October 2019, 17:00 Uh

Plastic - a great invention that needs to be used more sustainably

It's hard to imagine life without plastic. From bags to smartphones to bicycle helmets. Plastic is a unique material: it is light, flexible, malleable and very durable. Plastic has properties that other materials cannot provide at all or can only provide with a worse eco balance.

In order not to be part of the problem but rather part of the solution, we face up to our responsibilities and we are already on the right track:

What are we already doing and what are we going to do?

There's not just one big idea. We are working on measures in all areas of the product life cycle, each individual measure takes us a step forward, and all together they will become the solution. We follow the ‘four R principles’: Redesign - Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. What do these principles mean in detail?


Our goal is to use exclusively recycled or renewable raw materials for our products and packaging by the year 2025. To achieve this, we have to restructure our supply chains, but also partly redesign the products themselves. It is important that the quality and ease of use for our customers always stay at the same high level.



Our goal by 2025 is to successively avoid and reduce consumption of resources in supply chains and production while maintaining consistent product quality. To this end, we are working intensively on further improving processes in supply chains and production facilities.


Cling film, freezer bags, Zipper® ... - our products can be used several times over in many cases. We will continue to expand our range of reusable products in the future, as they are often - although not always - ecologically sound. Our goal is to consistently offer the best option for our consumer and our environment.


We have already created the right conditions for many of our products to be recycled: Most of our Toppits® products are predominantly 100% recyclable. By 2025, we will only produce recyclable or biodegradable products.

Our ideal in terms of sustainability is the circular economy. By 2025, we will further increase the recycling rate and help to establish a circular economy in which nothing is thrown away and everything is useful.

What works well for glass and paper will also work for plastic. Plastic is a far too valuable raw material to simply be burned. The recycling industry is working intensively on improvements. We will continue to support these joint activities for the continued development of the circular economy through our membership in associations and our joint projects.


Sustainable use of food

Our products fulfil an important purpose today - they help consumers not to waste food, but rather to make it last longer with the help of our products and our tips and tricks.

One third of the food produced worldwide ends up in the bin. That is a real waste! With our products, we help to preserve food and make it last longer. We give tips on how to store food properly and how to extend the shelf life of vegetables, meat etc. Our recipes do not stop at ‘Bon appetit’, but always include tips for using up leftovers.

Our free 'foodsaver' app ensures that nothing ends up forgotten in the freezer. Our freezer bags and the double-closure freezer bags with their printed freshness codes make them particularly easy to use.
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