Frischer Lachs auf einem Holzbrett

Advantages at a glance

  • checkOptiVit® valve - for optimum steam cooking, allows hot air to escape safely
  • checkThe oven stays clean
  • checkDelicious cooking without adding fat
Zubereitung leckerer Nudeln


  • Description
  • Roasting tube
    3 m
    31 cm

Toppits® Roasting tube instruction video

Instructions for use

Cut the Toppits® roasting tube 20 cm longer than the food.
Twist the tube together and seal one side with the enclosed OptiVit® valve clip.
Open the tube sleeve wide and put the food, the toher ingredients and 1 tablespoon of liquid into the Toppits® roasting tube.
Close the second side with the enclosed OptiVit® valve clip. Place the roasting tube in the middle of a cold baking tray and place it on the lowest sliding shelf of the oven. The Toppits® roasting tube must not touch the hot oven walls.
The roasting tube inflates during the cooking process. Thanks to the OptiVit® valve, hot air can escape through the clip. Your food is optimally protected and cooked in a way that preserves vitamins. Remove the Toppits® roasting tube with the baking tray from the oven. Then cut open the roasting tube at the top with the scissors - be careful, hot steam can escape. Our tip for connoisseurs: Drain the liquid and turn it into a sauce.
Finally, drain the liquid and make a sauce with it.

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