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Flower muffin cases

For large and small delicacies

Beautiful to look at! From sweet to savoury, from filigree to decorative: these flower shaped baking cases make your muffins an elegant highlight on any festive dining table.

These muffin cases are a delight to bake with. The attractive flower-shaped cases are strong and stable making them easy to fill.

After baking, the muffins can be served in the cases. They are easy to remove and look a treat when standing on their own.

Teig für die Flower Muffinformen von Toppits® vorbereiten.

Advantages at a glance

  • checkBaking cases stand on their own - even without a muffin tray
  • checkHeat resistant to 220°C
  • checkNon stick, no greasiness
  • checkHohe Formstabilität
Fertige Muffins aus den Flower Muffinformen von Toppits®.


  • Description
  • Mini Muffin cases
    45 cases
    Ø 4,5 cm
  • Muffin cases
    36 cases
    Ø 7 cm


Light, airy muffin dough

Great muffins are light and airy. Muffin dough is especially delicious when it has been well mixed. First of all, mix ingredients with a lot of moisture such as butter or eggs with the sugar.

Only then should you add flour. In order for the dough to develop well in the muffin cases, you need a leavening agent such as baking powder. You can also use baking soda if the dough already contains acidic ingredients, such as fruit or yoghurt.

Carefully mix in the flour and leavening agent so that fine, white peaks of flour appear in the dough. If you mix the ingredients too much during this phase, the muffins will later become rather dry and hard.

If the mixture becomes too thick, add some more milk. Other tasty ingredients such as chocolate chips should only be added when the dough is at the right consistency.

The easy way to fill the muffin cases

With a few tricks you can make filling the muffin cases much easier. With many types of dough, for example, it is very helpful to use a small sauce ladle to fill the flower muffin cases.

A little more skill is required when filling muffin cases using two spoons. One spoon is used to portion the dough. The other spoon is used to scrape off excess dough so that the muffin cases can be filled cleanly without mess.

Toppings for sweet muffins 

Decorating sweet muffins can be a real art. If you do not have time for elaborate designs, you can always impress with a very simple version:

A few minutes before the muffins are ready, take the Toppits® muffin cases out of the oven for a short time. Then place a marshmallow on each muffin and put them back in the oven. The marshmallows melt very quickly over the muffins giving you a simple but very appetising topping.

Two special delicacies are cheesecake muffins and semi-liquid chocolate muffins - try them out and enjoy!

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