All-purpose bag

Zipper® from Toppits®
Zipper® from Toppits®

Zipper® bag - the all rounder for the home and on the go

Exceptionally versatile and very reliable: Zipper® bags from Toppits® can be used for freezing or for keeping food fresh, they can also be used to safely and conveniently store, organise and transport all kinds of small articles. The patented Zipper® seals tightly, the special foil is especially tear proof and water proof. One ZZZZZip with lots of uses.

At a glance

  • Zipper® - closes easily and safely, again and again
  • Standing base
  • Versatile household help for fresh keeping, freezing, storage and transport.
  • Usage instruction

  • Available products

Zipper Anwendung 1

To form out the flat bottom shake bag up and down.


Fill in food slowly.


Close the zipper alongside of the slide rim - audible ZZZZZZIP-effect.

Product name Volume Content
Zipper® All-purpose bag 1 l 12 bags
Zipper® All-purpose bag 1 l 28 bags
Zipper® All-purpose bag 3 l 8 bags
Zipper® All-purpose bag 3 l 18 bags
Zipper® All-purpose bag 6 l 12 bags

Toppits® Zipper®

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