The Toppits® Brand

Evolution of our brand

The beginning
In 1937 Melitta took the first steps into the household foils and papers market with its Sandwich Paper. The aim was to offer consumers a selected range of special articles for the kitchen as well as coffee and tea. The range included for example kitchen paper and insulated coffee pots.

First Clingfilm
In 1965 the first Melitta clingfilm was developed and brought onto the market. The trend for household foils originated in the USA and established itself in Europe after a short time. In the course of the years Melitta Clingfilm was continually improved and is still one of the most popular products in the household foils segment.

From Melitta to Toppits®
By 1988 Melitta had developed into a brand with various ranges, more than 200 different products from various business areas were being offered. To distinguish between these different areas new brands were developed, under which the various products would be sold in future. The new brand names should be attractive, easy to pronounce and memorable.

This was the birth of the Toppits® brand, which since then Melitta has used to sell products to protect food.

Cofresco is founded
In 1996 Cofresco Frischhalteprodukte GmbH & Co. KG was founded - today a joint venture between Melitta and the American company S.C. Johnson & Son Inc.

Under a variety of brands Cofresco offers products to store and prepare food in over 20 European countries, reaching around 70 million households.

Cofresco uses this presence among other things for social purposes; in 2011 for example the SAVE FOOD-Initiative was brought into being, an initiative started by Cofresco against food waste in Europe.

Toppits® today
Today the Toppits® brand has a comprehensive range of household foils and papers for freshkeeping, storage, freezing and cooking or baking all kinds of food.

The Toppits® brand today stands for quality, reliability and a great capacity for innovation.

Curious about Toppits®?

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