Roasting Tube

Tasty cooking with less fat

Bratschlauch von Toppits®
Bratschlauch und der Ofen bleibt sauber

Enclosed cooking system with the Toppits® Roasting Tube

Just a few steps and no fat for a great taste: Simply cut the Toppits® Roasting Tube to the length you need and put the meat, fish or poultry in without additional fat. The safe OptiVit® valve allows hot air to escape and your food to stay juicy and tasty. With this enclosed cooking system the oven stays pleasantly clean too.

At a glance

  • OptiVit® valve - for optimal steaming, safely releases hot air
  • Oven stays clean
  • Tasty cooking without adding fat
  • Usage instruction

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Cut the Toppits® Roasting Tube 20 cm longer than the food.

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Twist the tube and close it at one side with the enclosed OptiVit® valve.


Open the tube widely, put in the food and all ingredients as well as 1 tablespoon of liquid.


Close the other side of the tube with the enclosed OptiVit® valve. Place the Roasting Tube in the middle of the cold baking tray and put it on the lowest sliding ledge of the oven. The Toppits® Roasting Tube must not get in touch with the walls of the oven.


The Roasting Tube will expand during cooking. Hot air can dissapear through the OptiVit® valve. Food is ideally protected and prepared in a vitamin-saving way. Take the Toppits® Roasting Tube together with the baking tray out of the oven. Then cut off the top of the bag - caution, hot air may disappear.

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Our gourmet tip: Keep the liquid and prepare a delicious sauce.

Product name Length Width
Roasting Tube 3 m 31 cm

Toppits® Roasting Tube

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