Roasting Bag 2in1

Vitamin preserving cooking without additional fat

Bratbeutel 2in1 von Toppits®
Bratbeutel2in1 und der Ofen bleibt sauber

Without fat but with lots of flavour

Roasting and steaming - both are possible: Toppits® Roasting Bags 2in1 are not only ideal for delicious, vitamin preserving cooking without additional fat in the oven. Gentle steaming in the microwave is also no problem. The practical Toppits® OptiVit® valve seals the bag and regulates the steam. After cooking it is really easy to take the bag out of the oven or microwave as the edge of the roasting bag foil does not get hot.

At a glance

  • OptiVit® valve - for optimal steaming, safely releases hot air
  • Cold side - easy to remove without burning your fingers
  • The oven stays clean
  • No additional fat
  • Usage instruction

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Put food and 1 tablespoon liquid in the Roasting Bag. Close the bag with the OptiVit® valve. Put the Roasting Bag on a cold baking tray / in the microwave oven - the foil must not get in touch with the walls.


The Roasting Bag will expand during cooking. Hot air can dissapear savely through the OptiVit® valve. The "cold side" eases the handling after cooking.


In order to take out the roast, cut off the top of the bag - caution, hot air may disappear. Our gourmet tip: Keep the liquid and prepare a delicious sauce.

Product name Content Format
Roasting Bag 2in1 M, max. 2,5 kg 8 bags 25 x 38 cm
Roasting Bag 2in1 L, max. 5 kg 5 bags 35 x 43 cm

Toppits® Bratbeutel 2in1 ausgezeichnet

Saftig, aromatisch und schonend gegart – 100 Testerinnen ließen sich von den Vorteilen des Toppits® Bratbeutel 2in1 überzeugen. Vier Wochen lang prüften die Leserinnen der Bild der Frau in ihrer Küche den Bratbeutel 2in1 und kreierten leckere Rezepte. Das Ergebnis: 95% der Leserinnen von empfehlen den Bratbeutel 2in1 weiter und verleihen ihm ihr Gütesiegel.

Toppits® Roasting Bag 2in1

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