Microwave Film 2in1

Freshkeeping & microwave-suitable - Easy tear-off

Mikrowellenfolie 2in1 von Toppits®
Mikrowellenfolie für die Mikrowelle

Microwave Film 2in1 from Toppits®

Toppits® 2in1 microwave film protects food from drying out both in the refrigerator and the microwave. The new Easy-Cut-System® with the unique bow-shaped tear-off edge and the ergonomic packaging allows particularly easy handling: tear-off always works!

The foil ideally protects against odours and splatter and can be used on dishes of all sizes. You’ll no longer have to bother with changing containers and covering them with heat-resistant lids.

At a glance

  • Freshkeeping and heating up in one
  • Easy-Cut-System® for easy handling
  • Protects from drying out
  • Microwave oven stays clean
  • self-adhesive on all containers
  • heat resistant
  • handy foil start finder
  • integration roll-fixation – anchors the roll in the packaging
  • Usage instruction

  • Available products


Before defreezing, heating and cooking in the microwave oven, use a fork (no knife) to put some wholes in the film, so that hot air can disappear.

Product name Length Width
Microwave Film 2in1 15 m 32,5 cm

Did you know..?

… why "2in1" is the new magic spell for maximum enjoyment?

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