Harvest season

Buying fruits and veggies at the right season

Buying at the right season offers many advantages

There are hardly any types of fruit or vegetables in Germany, which can be harvested all year round. If you buy domestically grown fruit and vegetables during their growing season – ideally grown in the open air – you will benefit from their many advantages:

  • Less expensive – because of the large supply of freshly harvested produce and lower production and transport costs.
  • Crisp fresh food, which – in contrast to imported food – is harvested when ripe and is therefore full flavoured and has more vitamins and nutrients. Especially produce grown in the open air, as it can develop its intensive flavour in the fresh air and sunshine.
  • Less pollutants, as domestic fruit and vegetables usually contain less pesticide residues than imported produce. Organic produce grown in the open air also contains fewer nitrates.
  • More environmentally friendly due to the shorter distances transported and the fact that open air growing does not involve any heating costs.

Of course if you have a garden, you also have the joy of gardening!

harvest calender for salad (pdf) harvest calender for veggies (pdf)
harvest calender for fruits (pdf) harvest calender for mushrooms (pdf)