Freezer & Cooking Bags

Freeze safely and heat gently

Gefrier- und Kochbeutel von Toppits®
Gefrier- und Kochbeutel mit temperaturbeständiger Spezialfolie

Two advantages in one bag

Freezer & Cooking Bags are specialists with two features: They safely freeze and gently heat your food. The clip is a practical closure for the bag, the temperature resistant special foil means you can cook food in a water bath.

At a glance

  • Protection from freezer burn due to special material
  • Temperature resistant -40° C to +125° C
  • Tastes almost like freshly cooked
  • Pot remains clean, nothing gets burned
  • With closure clips
  • Usage instruction

  • Available products


Pull the Freezer Bag out of the packaging and tear it off.


Freeze food in the bag.


In order to reheat, place the bag directly in boiling water.

Product name Volume Content
Freezer & Cooking Bags 1 l 30 bags

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