Freezer Bags

Safe protection from freezer burn

Gefrierbeutel von Toppits®
Gefrierbeutel mit 3-Schicht-Spezialfolie

Freezer Bags from Toppits® protect from freezer burn

Toppits® freezer bags offers the ideal protection against freezer burn and are very easy to use: The practical stand up bottom and the wide opening enable a very easy filling. In addition protects the tear-resistant 3-layer special foil against freezer burn. The bags can be used with just one hand out of the convenient dispenser box.

At a glance

  • With stand up bottom for easy filling
  • Protects aroma, vitamins and nutrients
  • Protection against freezer burn
  • Take out single bags from the package
  • Available products

Product name Volume Content
Freezer Bags 1 l 40 bags
Freezer Bags 1 l 100 bags
Freezer Bags 2 l 35 bags
Freezer Bags 2 l 80 bags
Freezer Bags 3 l 30 bags
Freezer Bags 3 l 75 bags
Freezer Bags 4 l 25 bags
Freezer Bags 6 l 20 bags
Freezer Bags 6 l 45 bags
Freezer Bags 8 l 10 bags

Toppits® TV-Spot freezerbags

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