Folded Baking Paper Sheets

Nothing sticks - no greasiness

Gefaltete Back-Bögen von Toppits®
Gefaltete Back-Bögen mit Antihaft-Struktur

Folded Baking Paper Sheets from Toppits®

No more furling up: Toppits® Baking Paper is also available in individually folded sheets. This saves space in the kitchen drawer and makes baking even easier. And of course it also has the following advantages: The non-stick structure reduces the contact area with your baking and the risk of sticking. The double sided silicone coating prevents grease soaking through the baking paper. Ready cut at 42 cm x 38 cm, the sheets fit on every standard baking tray.

At a glance

  • The paper does not furl up
  • Grease does not soak through
  • Nothing sticks
  • Double sided silicone coating
  • Unbleached and compostable
  • Can be used on both sides
  • The oven stays clean
  • From sustainable forestry
  • Available products

Product name Content Format
Folded Baking Paper Sheets 18 pieces 42 x 38 cm

Did you know..?

... why baking paper has the hang of it?

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