Clingfilm XL

Easy to tear off - self adhesive

Frischhaltefolie XL von Toppits®
Frischhaltefolie mit Abreißsäge

Clingfilm from Toppits® for big tasks

If you need a bit more: Toppits® Clingfilm XL is equipped with all the advantages of our normal Clingfilm and is our specialist for large bowls, platters and baking trays - simply cover in one go. It is easy to tear off, close fitting and adheres especially well.

At a glance

  • Self adhesive foil
  • Optimal saw blade and ergonomic packaging – to cut the Clingfilm more easily
  • Hygienic click-close packaging
  • Wider foil - ideal to cover in one go
  • Integrated roll holder - holds the roll in the pack
  • Practical help finding the start of the roll
  • Available products

Product name Length Width
Clingfilm XL 20 m 44 cm
Clingfilm XL 200 m 44 cm

Did you know..?

... why cling film should lie at the feet of your plants?

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