Barbecue Tray

For healthier barbecue enjoyment

Barbecue Tray from Toppits®
Barbecue Tray from Toppits® - dimensionally stable, heat-resistant

Barbecue enjoyment with Barbecue Trays from Toppits®

Toppits® Barbecue Trays will impress passionate amateur barbecuers. Because of the versatility you can grill easier than before. You can grill vegetables, meat or fish. Furthermore you can use the pan to keep your food warm.

All aluminum foil is not suitable for contact with acidic or salty foods and metal platters or bowls. In this case the foils could partly dissolve.
Grill-Pans can be sharp-edged. Level out, when positioning the Grill-Pan. 

At a glance

  • dimensionally stable
  • heat-resistant
  • the grill stays clean
  • Usage instruction

  • Available products

grill directly

grill directly: shell with the things on the grate direct over the charcoal.

grill indirectly

grill indirectly: shell with the things on the grate diagonally opposite the charcoal.

shell for collecting:

shell for collecting: Shell to collect the liquids like marinade and fat under the grate.

Product name Content Format
Barbecue Tray 3 pieces 22 x 17 cm

Did you know..?

... why BBQ-Pans not only belong to the grill?

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